Texting or Talking While Driving

Research has shown that except for allowing people to call for help in an emergency cellular phones make for poor, and very distracting, driving companions. More and more studies show that texting (sms in South Africa) or talking, even using a hands-free kit, is dangerous to road users, and furthermore show that you are as likely to get into an accident as if we were legally drunk.

Much in the same way people used to say that a few beers didn't affect their driving skills, drivers these days believe they're perfectly alert behind the wheel while on a cellphone. It's all those other motorists who can't talk and drive at the same time.

A graphic public-service announcement produced in Wales is making the rounds on the Internet. It's a dramatization, but the grief and terror it depicts when lives are lost because of a driver texting seem all too real. See the link below

COW Video

Tredegar Comprehensive School and Gwent Police (Gwent is located in south-east Wales,UK) produced a half hour drama entitled 'COW'.

COW Video

This four-minute sequence involves British student actors and crews -- and is part of the 30-minute drama produced and directed by Peter Watkins-Hughes an award winning former BBC producer who is also a lecturer for the Documentary Film & Television department at the Newport School of Art, Media and Design in Wales. This drama was made for -- and with -- the Gwent Police Department, located approximately 150 miles west of London.

** WARNING the graphic clip is professionally staged -- but does a fine job hammering its message home.

Bus Driver Texting While Driving

Bus Video

This multi-camera view shows the very real danger of trying to text while driving and the consequences.

New York Times Driving Game

Driving game

This link will take you to the NYT site where the game measures how your reaction time is affected by external distractions. Regardless of your results, experts say, you should not attempt to text when driving.